From Lebanon To The World & Back

Lebanon World Institute (LWI) is collaborating with Lebanese academic, non-political, non-religious institutions and entities with agendas and goals vowing for the good of Lebanon and all Lebanese.
We stand for Lebanon, a sovereign nation, where its people stand tall and free, without foreign influence or interference.
LWI is associated with meritorious think tanks from across the globe, currently working on various projects for a better Lebanon.

Lebanon World Fund


Lebanon World Fund enables the Lebanese Diaspora to translate their attachment to Lebanon by investing in Lebanese assets and projects and to allow Lebanese Residents to keep Lebanese assets (infrastructure projects, power grids, highways, industries) in Lebanese hands.

We are open to work in conjunction with international funds and donors countries to finance and invest in our Lebanese assets under Lebanese ownership and operation.

Our strategy is to optimise the Lebanese assets and provide a great return on investment that will benefit investors and Lebanon.


New Projects Coming Up…